"MASTER PAK" The clear professional luxury...

Karella/Winmau Dart pockets, Dart quiver and Dart suitcase

"MASTER PAK" The clear professional luxury pocket fascinates by her 5-fold division. Place for up to three sets. "THE PAK" - legendary-original is for many years the most popular Dart pocket. "FLEXI PAK" practical and inexpensive Dart pocket for Steel and soft darts with loose inside part. "Mini PAK" The Mini PAK has unopened only approx. 10 x 7 cm and with it an extremely handy Dart pocket briefcase. Dart suitcase ALU-PAK of The best-sellers "THE PAK" in aluminium implementation. If place offers for two complete sets. Coffin Case - coffin Dartbox Offering place for a sentence of darts and Ersatz-Shafts.

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