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Fun Hockey

The new trendportart FunHockey, also known as Floorball, is gaining popularity. Kids and adolescents especially love FunHockey, which is a mixture of lawn hockey, ice hockey, floorball and street hockey. Fun hockey is great fun and can be played anywhere. Whether on the lawn, asphalt, gymnasium floor, on the ice rink or even on the beach. Even at home on the carpet you can train the skill well. It can also be played on roller skates or skates. You only need a bat and a fun hockey ball. If you run it as a team game in the school or at home with friends, you need two fun hockey goals with the original dimensions 78 x 56 cm according to the rules of the game. A maximum of 5 field players and one goalkeeper are played. The Original Bandito FunHockey Racket is only 205 g heavy. The 70 cm long handle is made of PVC. The beater bucket (25 cm) is made of impact-resistant and abrasion-resistant plastic. The total bat length is approx. 85 cm and is equally suitable for children from 4 years, as well as for students and teenagers. The handy-roughened original FunHockey ball weighs 23 g, has a diameter of 72 mm. The bat is CE-tested and the tournament balls are additionally IFF-approved. Made in EU. Due to the fact that the racket and above all the game ball is very light and is made of plastic, the risk of injury is extremely low. The original FunHockey by Bandito is an absolutely inexpensive and simple game pleasure, which also stimulates concentration and promotes responsiveness. In addition, it also helps to reduce stress in children.

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