The "Micro-Scooter" are perfect for the city, during the shopping tour or a trip, in the city park, on vacation and in the spare time. Due to the extra-large wheels, the scooter models are also ideal for tours on paving stones or uneven roads. Micro® uses only the highest quality materials and is therefore significantly different from other suppliers. Each scooter comes with a reflective sticker for the handlebar. This lights up as soon as light falls on it and ensures more safety. All handles on the micro models are made exclusively of non toxic components. The rubber pads used not only protect against injuries but also help to protect the scooter. If the scooter accidentally falls over, the impact is dampened by the plugs. The so-called multi-mount clip ensures easy attachment of the handles while wearing. The kick stand, one of the most innovative developments in the scooter area, can be folded forwards and backwards and allows comfortable parking of the scooter. The scooters are collapsible. A patented, double or triple secured folding mechanism is easy to handle and guarantees the best possible safety. The handlebar is easy to adjust. All micro products have their own serial number and are constantly checked for impeccable quality.
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