Your advantages with

1. Every customer has a name and not just a 10-digit customer number.

2. We are from the field and advise our customers very happy if they have questions about the product. After all, we have been working in our industry for almost 30 years.

3. We pay our taxes in contrast to the big American sales platforms, and do not shit the state and thus the citizens every year by many billions of euros. Taxes serve the common good and it therefore affects every German citizen. Cheating taxes is antisocial.

4. For us, the time of day or the day of the week do not affect the prices differently. It does not matter whether you buy from a computer, laptop or mobile phone. The prices are always and everywhere the same. Also an important difference to the big American sales platforms. Different prices are fraud on the customer.

5. We do not destroy jobs but create some.

There are certainly many other benefits we can offer you. We just wanted to show you the most important ones. Try us.

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