Purchase on invoice

at sportplanet24.de for all public institutions within Germany without registration. Order as normal in our shop and enter the payment method "Prepayment". When placing your order please write a short note that you want to buy on account. We then process your order the next business day with the payment target "Invoice". You can see this afterwards in our order confirmation. You do not need to do anything anymore. We ship your goods.

From the second order you can also very much by phone, by email or continue to order through our shop.

Of course, you always have a higher level of protection when buying on account than you know from the big American sales platforms. And you pay only after you have received the goods. Your risk is zero.

Public institutions are schools, kindergartens, youth centers, educational homes, homes for the disabled and workshops, church facilities, public clinics, police, prisons, emergency services, fire brigade, THW, Armee and much more.

If you have questions you can call us during our office hours.